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Break out the shorts! 

The first day of summer at last! Things should be drying out a bit now and the sowing and planting can continue in earnest. We will be thinking about planting out some of the hardier crops towards the end of the month so that they can get their roots into some proper soil and really get going.

There will be seedlings popping up all over so keep hoeing off those pesky weeds and watch out for pests like blackfly on broad beans and whitefly on peas. The Victorians were champions of the pesticide utilising all sorts of fantastically scary poisons such as Mercury, Lead, Copper, Arsenic and so on. Whilst we emulate the Victorian way of life and gardening here, I am pleased to say that we are not entirely stuck in the past and as such, are working towards organic certification. Come along to the garden and sample some of our pesticide free, fresh produce.