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Discover what we are doing in the garden this month and pick up some top tips to try at home..

March – Get cracking!

The days are really drawing out and both plants and gardeners alike are itching to get going!Dave Charnley

We have been sowing all manner of heritage varieties over the cold dark months, Bedfordshire Champion and Kelsae onions, sweet peas and even a few leeks, but now things are warming up our attention turns to the humble potato. Traditionally these staple crops would be planted over the Easter Weekend. This is mainly down to the fact that workers would have time on their hands over the holy weekend to actually get out into the plot and make it happen. These days we tend to be only a touch more scientific and wait until the soil temperature has reached 10 degrees Celsius. Something the Victorians would approve of no doubt.

April- Keep cracking on!

As is common to all Brits, we just love talking about the weather and April is one of those months that can see all the seasons in a day. Fun for the weatherman, but a bit stressful for your young plants, so keep a beady eye out for frosts and protect your little darlings from the worst of it using fleece or cloches to take off the edge.

It’s not too late to get your spuds in and be thinking about planting your onions. Try planting sets (small baby onions) for a faster crop, but bear in mind that is it’s monsters you are after starting them from seed is the way to go.