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Jobs for the Month…

Discover what we are doing in the garden this month and pick up some top tips to try at home..


Harvest Time 

The drawing in of the nights signals the end of the growing season – but don’t dismay, there’s plenty of wonderful produce to be harvested.

We will have squash and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and our heritage variety of apples and pears will be beautifully ripe for the picking.  We’ll be thinking about next spring as we pick beans and peas and collect seeds of all our favourite heirloom varieties to re-sow in the coming year.



Cooking up a storm in the garden!

This month we will be celebrating summer harvest with our annual Walled Garden Feast. Once again we will be cooking up a storm in the garden with the award winning vegetarian restaurant, The Waiting Room. Using the best of our fresh produce, the guest chefs will be cooking delicious dishes for you to sample.

After the celebration The Walled Kitchen Garden will close to the public, until spring 2018. There will however be no rest for our hard working garden volunteers! They will be busy lifting and dividing the Dahlia’s (we might even eat a few of the tubers which are very tasty indeed!). The Canna Lilies will be going into the greenhouse over winter and the less moveable Cordylines will be treated to a warm duvet of fleece to keep the harsh winter at bay.

There’s still time to get growing for an early crop in spring, broad beans and some hardy pea varieties, lettuces and some cabbages will happily sit through the worst of the British weather and will be ready to accelerate away at the first signs of spring.


Get Fruity

There might not be much going on in the vegetable patch but now is a great time to be planting bare root woody perennials. Get fruity planting apples and pears and look forward to a bounty of produce for years and years to come. They say the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best time is now, so get digging!


Feeling Festive 

Brr. It be cold out there in the garden, and possibly quite wet, so try not to walk on your growing beds as this will compact the soil and make it harder to dig.

Why not get out and enjoy the crisp air and collect some foliage for making Christmas wreaths? Most conifers like cypress, Juniper, Holly and of course Ivy will make for a beautiful display. If you aren’t confident in going it alone, why not come along to one of our ParkMade Fresh Wreath Making Workshops in November? We will be making a host of garlands and wreaths to decorate the Victorian Street in the most traditional manner! The perfect way to start feeling festive!