How to earn your Survival Badge

Songs around the campfire

Saturday 27 May & Saturday 3 June

12, 1 , 2 & 3pm

Join us for a good old fashioned sing-along around our ‘campfire’ in the Orchard. With ‘repeat-after-me’ and fun action songs, this activity is sure to get the whole family toe-tapping along.

Performed by Page2Stage, our resident Performing Arts group.

Suitable for all ages. Sessions will last 30 minutes.

Knot Tying

Tuesday 30 & Wednesday 31 May

10am – 3.30pm

The art of knot tying is an essential skill for every young adventurer! Learn how to tie a basic knot and earn your Survival Badge.

Den Building

Thursday 1 June

10am – 3.30pm