Butterfly World

At Butterfly World you can enter the magical world of a tropical rain forest, where you can stroll at your leisure past beautiful trees and flowers.

ButterflySit beside the splashing waterfalls and pools and enjoy watching the vibrant wing beats of hundreds of the worlds most exotic and beautiful butterflies fill the air.

There is also a separate section where you can now enjoy watching a small group of Meerkats before wandering into the reptile section, if you dare.

So why not bring the family and call into Butterfly World soon?

Opening Times

For opening times and prices please call 01642 791414 or visit http://www.butterfly-world.co.uk/ for further details.

  • Preston Park Museum and Grounds
  • Yarm Road,
  • Eaglescliffe,
  • TS18 3RH
  • Telephone – (01642) 527375

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