Victorian Street

Step over our clock ticking backwards and enter a time gone by. Experience what life was like in 1895 as you take a stroll down our replica Victorian Street. Meet our costumed interpreters and sample delicious cakes in our traditional tearoom.

Our shops are run by a group of hard working volunteers and therefore opening times may vary. Find out more about becoming a volunteer.

  • Sweet Shop

    No visit to the Victorian Street is complete without a trip to the Sweet Shop. Discover all your old favourites including Bon-Bons, Pear Drops and Aniseed Balls (to mention a few).

  • Blacksmiths

    Watch Peat Oberon, our resident artist blacksmith at work in the traditional Forge. Even have a go yourself in one of our ParkMade Blacksmithing workshops. Find out more... (Links to external website)

  • Chemist

    Pay a trip to J.Walker Chemist for advice on all ailments and remedies. Even have a go at crushing and rolling your own tablets.

  • Drapers

    Play dress-up and try on hats, caps, bonnets, waistcoats and pinafores in the Drapers. Learn about the history of fashion and the perils of the Corset!

  • Grocers

    Make sure you stop off at the Grocers to pick up fresh seasonal produce grown in the Walled Kitchen Garden. Watch as the Grocer measures out loose tea ‘the old fashioned way’ and wraps it up in a brown paper bag for you to take home.

  • Police Station

    Meet our resident Bobbies and discover what crime and punishment was like in Victorian times. Sample jail life with a visit to the cell; learn about prison food; and see handcuffs, truncheons and other police paraphernalia.

  • Tea Room

    Try our delicious cakes and scones in the Victorian Tea Room. On warmer days, take tea on the terrace overlooking the River Tees or pick up a takeaway to enjoy in the grounds.

  • Printers

    Discover more about how stationary, books and mourning cards would have been printed in the late Victorian times. We have a working 1839 Albion Printing Press and still produce gift cards and tags for visitors to buy. Have a go at printing your name using traditional wooden type. Make sure you mind your p’s and q’s!!

  • Violin Maker

    Watch Sean Galvin of Manship & Galvin, our resident violin makers, at work, as he uses traditional methods to repair and make violins. Find out more... (Links to external website)

  • Charles Twist Photography

    Visit Charles Twist in his studio on the Victorian Street, you will be able to don period-style costumes for a sepia portrait. Charles will arrange the lights and the backdrop to match what would have been common a century ago. Portraits are usually created digitally, but you can contact Charles to make an appointment for an authentic sepia print, created with a method of the 1890s. Prices start from £15.

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