Talk: The extreme world of 'AC Cars, Invalid Carriages and Cripples'

Simon Mckeown, artist, academic (Teesside University) and voluntary Director of the Invalid Carriage Register will give a whirlwind tour of the history of the UK's most unusual and rare vehicles! 3 wheeled, unstable, dangerous, noisy and unreliable, these vehicles were handed out in their 1000's to the most vulnerable in society by the government of the day and the NHS until 1975.

For over 100 years the UK led the world in disability vehicle design but behind the scenes, disabled people argued that the vehicles were so bad, the government must simply be trying to eliminate them! Were government's scientists simply crackers - or was this a genuine attempt at independent living!

Featuring some of Britain's most famous Marques such as AC who produced the AC Cobra, one of the worlds fastest/safest sports cars Simon asks why did AC also produce the UK's slowest/dangerous car!? Could this story really be true! Come and find out.

6pm - Arrival 

6.15pm - Guided tour of Tippen Delta 3 Wheeled Invalid Carriage

6.30pm - Presentation

7.15pm - Questions 

Ticket Information:

Book your free place by telephoning the museum on 01642 527375.

Date, Time & Venue

Thu 17 Jan 2019 18:00 - 20:00

Preston Park Museum & Grounds

Ticket Information

Book your free place by telephoning the museum on 01642 527375

Age group: Over 18, 17 - 18