Photographarium at Steampunk on Tour

Our Victorian Street photographer, Charles Twist, will once again be teaming up with artist Caed Parker to offer the Photographarium: a unique opportunity to have a sepia portrait created the traditional way. Thanks to their genuine bellows camera fitted with a big, brass lens from the 1850s, your portrait will have all the hallmarks of yesteryear. Their mobile dark-room is custom-built so that you can see your picture developing before your very eyes, according to a recipe from the 1890s. A fabulous time machine, no less!

The sessions will take place on the Victorian Street and the prints (set into a hot-foiled mount) will be available to take away on the day.

How long will the session last and how much will it cost? 

Each portrait session lasts 10 minutes and costs £20. 

Do I need to book? 

Yes. Places are limited so you will need to pre-book your session. You can do this online here.

Date, Time & Venue

Sun 15 Sep 2019 10:00 - 15:00

Preston Park Museum & Grounds

Ticket Information

£20 per portrait session. This must be pre-booked in advance. 

Age group:

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