Then and Now

Our popular hands on workshops are led by a member of the Museum Learning Team and have a mixture of replica and original objects for your class to explore and enjoy. Plus, children get to make something to take home on the day.

Choose from one of the themes below:

Lasting approximately 1 hour (start times: 10am, 11.15am and 1pm)

Suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2.

£35 per workshop (up to 30 children), plus £1.50 museum admission charge per child (please note, this will increase to £2 from April 2018).

Victorian Home

A unique opportunity to handle everyday Victorian household objects and discover what homes of the past would have looked like compared to ours today.

Victorian School Day

Experience what life was like in the classroom in the late Victorian era, through role play. Learn about the harsh school punishments of the time and have a go at writing styles and arithmetic.

Wash Day

Find out how people did simple tasks such as washing clothes before the use of electricity and time saving machines. During the session, we will go through all the stages of the process and handle original objects.

Traditional Toys

This fun hands-on workshop explores how traditional mechanical toys worked before the use of batteries and electricity. There will be a chance to play with Victorian toys.

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